Welcome to Romantico apartment.

The apartment is a one bedroom apartment and consists of dining/living room and bedroom area plus one bathroom . Romantico apartment is on the second floor (out of three).

It has one large window overlooking the Piazza Mazzini dated back to the 17th century and formerly known as “Piazza del Duca”.



Welcome to Classico apartment

The apartment consists of one dining/living room, two bedrooms , one bathroom and is located in an historical building in old town centre.

Classico apartment is on the second floor (out of three).

Main room - living room 1

Antico Posto

Welcome to Antico Posto.

Apartment Antico Posto is unique since it’s been made out of a loft .

It has two double bedrooms and two single beds.
It is on the third and last floor of the building.